Welcome To Aymira

Aymira is a unique company providing tools and services people need to improve their lives and the lives of others.

We meet this mission through Software as a service (SAAS) products used by behavioral health professionals for tracking integrated clinical, accounting, and electronic health record information. Also by the direct provision of behavioral healthcare services, specialized consultative services, developmental therapies and other specific interventions targeted to helping those with IDD and related conditions live their lives to the fullest each day.

Meet: Aymira

Aymira is about connecting families. We connect and serve the I/DD community through our behavioral health provider agencies. Our home and community based services assist hundreds of people in living their best life possible.

Aymira Healthcare Technologies provides the tools and platform for human service organizations to complete their mission. Through the realization of operational efficiencies, improved financial standing, and enhanced clinical management we empower our customers and the lives of those that they serve.

Aymira Behavioral Health and Aymira Healthcare Technologies are focused exclusively on connecting families and agencies through care, compassion and technology.

Behavioral Healthcare

Looking back over the last two decades, we are thankful our journey has brought us to what Aymira is today. In this world, the Aymira team works to fulfill their vision, “Enhancing lives by empowering those we serve to reach their potential” through better outcomes. All our team members work hard each and every day to provide the best possible care to those who need us most. As a result, this journey to Aymira has changed us all.

One of the secrets to Aymira’s success, and the main reason we provide services to the special needs community, is derived from our long-time immersion in the in the business of providing care. From our origins as a software provider to this community, we hired people who worked in this community, joined trade groups, attended educational conferences; we worked, thought, and acted like care providers. Along the way we fell in love with the business of providing care and became very attached to our provider customers and worked hard to make them successful.

We know now that most people are “called” to the service of providing care to the special needs community. Usually, that work starts through the personal experience of having a child or family member with special needs. It becomes one’s life; one’s very identity. In our case, in service to this community we saw what a positive impact we can make and how those results can truly impact the lives of others in a positive way. It has caused us to fall in love with what we do. It has become our life, our identity and we couldn’t be prouder.

Not only has this journey cemented for us the fact that we have indeed found our “why”, but it defines our culture, who we are and resulted in a set of core values that have become our rules to live by. We have created family. A family that is focused on empowering people to reach their potential.

EHR Intellectually Developmentally Disabled

EHR Agency Management Platform


Driven by the personal experience of a special needs needs daughter, our founder created Aymira Technologies and developed the OnTarget EHR Agency Management Platform. Aymira Technologies is part of a $35M organization founded in 2000 in Charlotte, NC.

The OnTarget Platform is an affordable, flexible, and powerful software solution designed specifically for Health and Human Service Provider Agencies. The application was built specifically for use in the IDD/MH market.

In fact, the parent company is an IDD agency and utilizes the software platform in combination with developed best practices. As a result, the agency consistently achieves significantly higher than industry norm operational margins, operational efficiencies and clinical outcome management.

OnTarget seamlessly controls all aspects of your agency’s business cycle. The integrated modules eliminate redundant entries in multiple systems to produce a concise, manageable and real-time picture of your entire agency.

All agencies are unique. The OnTarget platform is configurable and customized to the unique aspects of your agency.